P  R  E  S  S

She’s got a tremendous handle on her art, and her sound is warm and convincing. Plus, the fact that [Smoke Lake] was recorded directly in nature gives the EP a lived in-quality that’s quite appealing. This is a short album that’s destined for the cottage, and if you’re looking for thoughtful and quality songwriting, Smoke Lake is a good bet for those seeking maturity and wisdom at the hands of such a young woman. Watts is sterling and a consummate performer, so it’s with great excitement to envision what her first full-length may sound like, and which portage trail she leads delighted listeners down in the future.”

– Zachary Houle (Pop Matters) on Smoke Lake


“In The Attic by Kaleigh Watts, from Smoke Lake: An ephemeral pairing of vocal and acoustic guitar, as delicate as smoke over the lake.”

– Peter Simpson (“Big Beat: The Ottawa music playlist for 2014”, Ottawa Citizen)


“There’s something spooky about the way the authority and low range of Watts’ voice combines with the poetry of her lyrics, making her sound like a seer, the tracks captured from a séance. The eeriness is greatly enhanced by the cast of unconventional sounds in the background … The album’s vision of capturing the feel of a wild, isolated place seems like a sonic analog of other ways of bottling pieces of the wild like wildflowers pressed between glass or taxidermy and the record carries the same aura of rarity about it.”

– Chrissy Steinbock (“In Her Element”, Couch Assassin) on Smoke Lake 


“She’s incredibly talented and when I first met her I was really struck by how beautiful her alto singing voice is and how fluid it is.”

– Lynn Miles (Juno Award and Canadian Folk Award winner)


“Her voice is sultry, like the softness of a dusty red grape, the powder on red wine.”

– Ian Tamblyn (Juno Award winning singer-songwriter)